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Thread: Satellite Pro A60 - recovery issue

  1. Satellite Pro A60 - recovery issue
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    Jan 2008
    I have tried to do a product recovery on a satellite pro A60,

    I put in disks 1 and 2 following the instructions and everything appears to work ok.
    I then am told to remove recovery media and restart computer using ctrl, alt del

    It restarts and goes through toshiba screen and onto windows xp screen....then a blue screen that says please wait while windows prepares to start... then onto windows xp professional screen with an egg timer saying please wait. Nothing else happens.

    It doesn't do anything else, we left it for 3 hours today and it didnt move past this screen.

    Has anyone else experienced this or can offer me some advice on how to make the laptop work again?

  2. Re: Satellite Pro A60 - recovery issue
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    Sep 2005
    I have installed the Windows and Toshiba Recovery many times and I didnít notice this issue on any of my notebooks.
    I remember that one times my Windows OS installation failed. I donít know whyÖ
    But I have simply formatted my HDD, erased all partitions and started the installation again! The procedure finished successfully and notebook has booted into the Win XP OS.

    You must understand that you issue could be related to the software only or to the hardware malfunction (HDD???)

    One question; did you use the compatible Toshiba recovery CD? I have read many times about similar issues and finally the wrong recovery CD was the reason for the booting/installation problems.

    Ensure that you sue the right CDs and then I would recommend repeating the OS installation.


  3. Re: Satellite Pro A60 - recovery issue
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    Dec 2004
    Is there any HDD activity on this last step?

  4. Re: Satellite Pro A60 - recovery issue
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    Jan 2008
    Thanks for your reply sorry I havent sent you an email earlier.I dont think there was any HDD activety at all.



  5. Re: Satellite Pro A60 - recovery issue
    Possibly your HDD malfunctions and you have to replace it.
    You should check if the same issue remains using the new HDD.

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