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Thread: Satellite A100-334: Question about upgrade the XP to Vista

  1. Satellite A100-334: Question about upgrade the XP to Vista
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    Dec 2007
    I need help to upgrade my A100-334 to vista!?
    I use the disks provided by toshiba. It says that the newest Bios is already installed (vers.5.60).

    After running the second disk it says I should deinstall DVD-RAM Driver/BD Driver Software and Toshiba configfree.

    Then it says that the following problems will not prevent the upgrade from running but that some applications or items might not work properly. The list is long.

    Here are some example:
    TOSHIBA diagnostic tool, Sun Java scheduler, TOSHIBA controls, TOSHIBA Power saver Bluetooth settings and so on.

    Is it recommendable to deinstall all these items?
    What can I do?

    I appreciate any help Thanks - Detlef

  2. Re: Satellite A100-334: Question about upgrade the XP to Vista
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    Aug 2005
    Hi Detlef

    Well, what to sayÖ as I understand your issue you didnít perform a new, clean Vista install but you have tried to update the full XP to Vista.

    I donít wonder that this update doesnít run smoothly and that you get some notifications about the tools and driver compatibility problems.

    Fact is that many drivers, tools and utilities which are designed for the XP OS donít run on the Vista OS. Therefore itís necessary and advisable to remove ALL programs which are not compatible with the Vista!

    In my personal opinion you should perform a clean Vista installation and then you could download and install all necessary Toshiba Vista drivers and utilities.

    Best regards and greetings to Germany ;)

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