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Thread: Question about BIOS beep codes

  1. Question about BIOS beep codes
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    Dec 2007
    Having trouble locating BIOS beep codes....can anyone help? I'm getting 3-3-1...

  2. Re: Question about BIOS beep codes

    I found a list of some BIOS beep codes but to be honest I’m not sure if it will help you:
    [BIOS beep codes |http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm
    The problem is that the BIOS beep codes are different and not every BIOS provides the same code meaning.

    In my opinion only the authorized service provider can help you to find out what this code mean.

    Why such beep code appear?
    Well, the BIOS beep code appears if the POST (Power On Self Test) fails.
    Mostly the “Power On Self Test” cannot pass successfully because of hardware malfunction; for example motherboard problem.

    Best regards

  3. Re: Question about BIOS beep codes
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    Dec 2004

    Here one more interesting site about BIOS beep codes.

    Check it out!

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