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Thread: HDD support on Portege M200

  1. HDD support on Portege M200
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    Dec 2007
    I've bought a refurbished portege M200 a little while ago, but the harddrive is having problems so I'm looking to replace it.
    Does anyone however know if there are any limitations as to what harddisks the M200 will take? I'm trying to decide between spending 100 euros for a 160 GB samsung available from a local computer store where I can easily return it if it turns out not to work, or order a 120 GB samsung model for 62.50 online but where it'd be harder to return if it doesn't work...
    I'm a bit pressed for cash so if anyone can tell me if the 120 GB samsung (HM121HC if it matters) should work, I'd be very happy ;).

  2. Re: HDD support on Portege M200
    Hi there,

    usually the chipset/BIOS should support HDs up to 160 Gig, but the problem is that the machine was shipped with smaller drives, so you will have either to check the forum on users with similar problems (the search function is great here :) ) or you purchase the 160 Gig drive, check if it works, return it to the store and buy the 120 GB HDD for the half price.
    I think thats a way without many risks.


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