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Thread: Satellite A10 shuts down after 40 mins

  1. Satellite A10 shuts down after 40 mins
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    Dec 2007
    A-10 Pro keeps shutting down after 40 mins, power source is always the AC lead, can anyone help?

    Has been checked for the following:-
    Power managment - on never shut down
    Cooling fan seems to be okay

  2. Re: Satellite A10 shuts down after 40 mins
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    Dec 2004
    In my opinion this issue has nothing to do with viruses but maybe with overheating.
    How old is your notebook?
    Have you ever cleaned cooling grills or cooling fans? Fan can be OK but how it looks like behind this grill. Maybe is there dust and blocks properly air circulation.

  3. Re: Satellite A10 shuts down after 40 mins
    Hi guys

    The compressed air spray is a nice tool to clean the internal cooling ventilators!
    Usually the dust and debris prevent the fans from properly rotation and therefore the temperature increases and leads to the overheating issues…

    Use simply such spray and you will solve this!


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