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Thread: Hinge on Satellite M30 is loose

  1. Hinge on Satellite M30 is loose
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    Dec 2006
    The right hinge on my M 30 is to loose. I have tryed to dismantle the keyboard without succes, what to do?

  2. Re: Hinge on Satellite M30 is loose
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    Hi there,

    the problem is that you cannot repair it only by tighten some screws. If the hinge on this model is loose then you will need new hinges and to exchange them, the whole machine must be disassembled since the hinges are partially under the palm rest and on the lcd installed.

    So, if you want to fix that you should search for an technician which can fix it. Better solution would be to contact an authorized service partner:


    Good luck

  3. Re: Hinge on Satellite M30 is loose
    I think itís also too tricky and too difficult for someone who has never changes such parts.
    As the user above already said the notebooks display hinge must be replaced. This is not easy and must be done in the right order.
    You should contact the ASP in your country because the guy could firstly order the new hinge from the Toshiba warehouse and secondly could replace it much faster as an common user like you and me.

    So donít hesitate to ask the technicians for help and further details

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