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Thread: Bios update on Portege 3440CT.

  1. Bios update on Portege 3440CT.
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    Nov 2007

    I have a Portege 3440CT with bios version 1.50.

    This version does not support large HDD so I thought I'd update the BIOS. (don't know if version 1.60 does either, does anyone know?)

    When I try to run the bios-update-program on win2000, it says "Initial error", anyone know what's causing this?

    BIOS is downloaded from Toshibas website.

    I have no floppy or CD-rom available.
    Have tried the updater on win98, and also in DOS and it says "this utility not available on v86 mode!"

    Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

    Ideas, anyone?

  2. Re: Bios update on Portege 3440CT.
    Sorry CyB but I really do not understand you. If you check Toshiba support page you will find two BIOS updates. Both of them must be done using FDD. So now I am asking myself why you try to do it under running operating system. Sorry but it is really ridiculous.

    Toshiba provide two different BIOS updates. One is TRAD (must be done with FDD) and WIN (can be done under running WXP or now Vista). For old notebook models there is no WIN version.

    Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

    As far as I know something like this is not possible and you can check eBay and obtain FDD. You can get it for few bucks. It is really not expensive.

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