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Thread: How can I disable Touch Pad?

  1. How can I disable Touch Pad?
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    Nov 2007

    This is really stupid, however, I have a Toshiba Laptop (canít remember the model off hand, however itís only a few months old) and the problem is the Touch pad, I can not get it turned off. It is driving me crazy as I use a wireless mouse and when I am typing the curser is jumping all over the page. I have tried the function keys to turn it off yet it doesnít work.

    Any suggestions please!!

  2. Re: How can I disable Touch Pad?
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    Hello Fiona

    On every Toshiba notebook Touch Pad can be disabled on two different ways. The first one is using FN+F9 key combination or using DISABLE option in mouse properties.

    Thatís all!

  3. Re: How can I disable Touch Pad?
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    Dec 2004
    Silas is right. The principle is always the same but easiest way to do this is FN+F9 key combination usage. When the touch pad is disabled you will see it as small symbol in task bar (touchpad symbol with red {color:#ff0000}X{color}).

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