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Thread: Touchpad stops working after hibernation on Satellite M40

  1. Touchpad stops working after hibernation on Satellite M40
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    Oct 2007
    My M40 laptop has just started having a problem with it's Touchpad, after hibernation the the Touchpad does not work. plugging an external mouse works, I've tried disabling and re enabling through the control panel but it does not help. Powering off and then back on does fis the Thinkpad, has anyone seen this before?

  2. Re: Touchpad stops working after hibernation on Satellite M40
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    Jan 2006
    You said this problem started now. So it seems that this issue was not present in the past. Am I right?
    So if I’m right then it looks more like an software problem as a hardware issue.

    Usually the first step should be a new Touchpad driver installation. Then you could try to update the Windows XP OS to the latest state. You should use the Microsoft update page to get all patches.

    Then download and install the cleaning tool called “CCleaner”. Its for free and it’s very helpful to clean the OS and the registry.

    If this does not help, try to reinstall the OS from the recovery CD and test if this issue persists after new OS installation.

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