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Thread: Satellite A200-19K wont start

  1. Satellite A200-19K wont start
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    Oct 2007
    On the other Sattelite A200-19K computer we have here,
    When we try to turn it on, the power light comes on, and the AC power light if it is plugged in.
    The hard drive light also flashes once then goes off but the screen stays black and the computer makes the usual 'woosh' noise that all computers do but just for a second before dieing out.

    We have tried removing the battery then replacing it already but it hasn't worked.
    Any ideas on what the problem could be, and how to fix it?

  2. Re: Satellite A200-19K wont start
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    Sep 2005

    Sounds not good dude!
    You said you have already tried to replace the battery?

    Try to remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter for about 20-30min.
    Then connect everything again and try to start the notebook.
    If it doesn’t help then you have no other choice as to contact authorized service provider in your country for a help.
    The A200series seems to be not very old so I assume your warranty is valid and the reparation should be done for free.

    Good luck

  3. Re: Satellite A200-19K wont start
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    Feb 2005
    Try the procedure given by the user above. If it doesn't works the ASP must be contacted.

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