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Thread: Portege M400: Is it possible to upgrade CPU

  1. Portege M400: Is it possible to upgrade CPU
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    Hi to everybody :)

    I have a Portege M400 with a T2300 and I would like to know If is possible to make a cpu's upgrade
    If yes, which cpu are compatible and with which version of bios?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Re: Portege M400: Is it possible to upgrade CPU
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    Usually the CPU upgrade or replacement on the notebooks is not possible or very difficult and risky. It could be possible that the notebook will not boot or will not run stable after the CPU upgrade. The overheating could be one of the biggest problems!!!

    So I really not recommend upgrading the CPU!!! It’s not worth to risk the damage only to get a tiny CPU performance increase.

    But if you want to know what CPU are supported by the chipset… so here is the list ;)

    The M400 computer is equipped with an Intel Core Duo Processor or Intel Core Solo Processor. These processors incorporate a math co-processor, a 2MB L2 cache memory.

    The M400 comes in with one of the following speeds:

    _Intel Core Duo Processor_
    - 1.66GHz (Processor Number : T2300)
    - 1.83GHz (Processor Number : T2400)
    - 2.00GHz (Processor Number : T2500)
    - 2.16GHz (Processor Number : T2600)

    _Intel Core Solo Processor_
    - 1.66GHz (Processor Number : T1300)

    Hope I could helps!

    Regards and cheers buddy :)

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