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Thread: Portege M400 Pen Calibration

  1. Portege M400 Pen Calibration
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    Oct 2007

    I am having problems calibrating my tablet pen.
    A few weeks ago my pc was sent to Toshiba to have some work on the screen. I do not know if it was cleaned or replaced. Since then I have been unable to calibrate my pen in either landscape or portrait.
    The pen works perfectly well at other times, but when the calibration screen appears I can't "click" in the spots. I can click the cancel button and I can right click too during calibration but not normal "click".
    Although not a huge problem I would like to adjust the calibration slightly.
    Anyone any ideas?

    Many thanks,


  2. Re: Portege M400 Pen Calibration
    Maybe itís only a problem with the distance between the stylus and the screen.
    But of course we shouldnít exclude the fact that the ASP has worked on this notebook and maybe the technicians have forgotten something.

    For example; if the system board was replaced on a notebook with accelerometer sensor itís necessary to recalibrate this accelerometer with the Test & Diagnostics Software.
    For example if the sensor is not calibrated the correct switching between landscape and portrait mode will not work.

    Maybe a similar issue could be responsible for the pen calibration problems.
    So I think it would be a good idea to contact the ASP again and ask for some details and what was changed on the notebook.

  3. Re: Portege M400 Pen Calibration
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    Oct 2007
    Thanks Eldorado,

    I spoke to technical help. While going through various ideas I realised that I had some interactive whiteboard software installed. This caused a conflict with the pen calibration. IWB software removed and I can now calibrate and everything works much better.
    Thanks for your help.

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