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Thread: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X

  1. Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Oct 2007
    Hello. I have a Satellite L40-12X and I need drivers for xp ...can somebody help me pls????

  2. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Unfortunately there are no drivers from toshiba available. But you can do the following:

    Go to the intel website and download the drivers for intel chipset, intel graphics and intel azalia sound system. That should cover the most important devices in your system.

    If some other devices are left then post please what your device manger tells you. (which devices are not already installed -> yellow or red exclamation mark)


  3. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Oct 2007
    Hi guys, i'm attempting to solve the same problem here. Vista is just too slow on this particular laptop. Mine only came with 512GB RAM, and performance is not good.

    I've put XP on but had 5 missing drivers:
    *Video controller
    *Video controller (VGA compatible)
    *PCI device
    *Unknown device
    *Ethernet Controller (which i know is the wireless controller as the onboard nic has installed fine)

    I've installed the 945 express chipset drivers, and whilst this did install some devices (ie USB hubs etc), didn't clear any of my other unknown devices. Then installed the 82945G video driver for XP, and this has solved the 2 video devices.

    I downloaded the Azalia driver (aka C-Media CMI9880) but it said i didn't have this device installed. However after trying to point my pci device at various drivers within the C-Media folder, it did find a partial component in the \Win XP\Busdriver folder. It installed something called Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.

    Also my unknown devices have changed up to 4 and are now:

    audio device on high definition audio bus
    ethernet controller
    modem device on high definition audio bus
    unknown device

    so i'm making a little progress. Anyone else managed to find solve any more of this missing devices?

  4. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Oct 2007
    Ok got a bit further forward.

    Ethernet controller = The Wireless adapter. I actually found that this driver is available on the Toshiba website Link:[HERE|http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/?page=downloads]

    Note that you have to search for the *Vista* drivers for the wireless adapter, and when you eventually get to the download screen, there is an option to download the XP drivers, which work nicely !!

    Only ones left now are the

    *high definition audio device
    *high definition modem device

    I know the audio device is made by ADI and/or Soundmax (I guess they are one and the same), but i'm darned if i can determine exactly what and where the correct driver is to get this working. Anyone?

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  5. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Oct 2007
    Ok I have resolved this now. I now have ALL drivers installed correctly for my L40-12T running Windows XP.

    I eventually found that in order to get the Audio working you simply need to install Microsoft patches KB888111 and KB835221. These are high definition drivers from Microsoft, and typically these aren't available for download, you actually have to request them specially from microsoft. After some searching the web, i eventually managed to find the right hotfixes, but you have to make sure you get the right hotfixes for the right system.

    I can see a lot of posters requesting the same thing here, so to save people a lot of trouble, i've made the drivers available to download for anyone else trying to solve this problem. The download includes drivers for AUDIO, VIDEO, WIRELESS, and MODEM. *Note that the included patches are specifically for users running Windows XP Service Pack 2*. I take no responsibility if you do not check this, or for any other problems you may experience whilst using these drivers. They worked for me on a vanilla Windows XP SP2 setup.

    Download is available [HERE|http://people.bath.ac.uk/ccsmse/downloads/Toshiba_L40-12T.zip]

    If you'd rather download them yourself here are the links i found

    MODEM (Toshiba Modem SM2177ALD03): Download page [HERE|http://notebook.free-driver-download.com/Toshiba/39747/Toshiba-Satellite-X200-Satego-X200-Modem-Driver-SM2177ALD03-Windows-XP.html]
    AUDIO Patch 1: KB835221: Download [HERE|http://geekswithblogs.net/lorint/archive/2006/06/11/81540.aspx]
    AUDIO Patch 2: KB888111: Download [HERE|http://geekswithblogs.net/lorint/archive/2006/06/11/81540.aspx]
    Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter: Download [HERE|http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/?page=downloads]
    VIDEO (Intel 945GM) : Download [HERE|http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=2301&lang=eng]

    Question resolved hopefully.

  6. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Oct 2007
    ^ Worked for me! His driver pack is good!

  7. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Oct 2007
    Driver Toshiba Hotkey Utility (Fn key)

  8. Re: Need all drivers (and SATA) for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Nov 2007
    Many thanks to all have posted here on this topic - invaluable... FWIW here is my experience on an Sat Pro L40 12T

    1) get the SATA drivers as recommended elsewhere from the Intel site.. Intel 82801G chip - file name sata iata76_enu.exe. You CAN extract the files without a FLOPPY. Read the "readMe" file on DOCS...section 7.2 use c:\iata_cd.exe -a -a -pc:\<path>. When unpacked use "Driver" folder for .inf files not "Driver64" If I can do it....
    2) get nLite (Google it) its brill..
    3) use nLite to slipstream SP2 and incorporate the drivers at the appropriate place -> Simply browse to the SATA .inf file as "single driver" (you'll understand that when you see nLite dialogue) choose PNP (plug and play) option and move on.
    4) Install the audio Hotfixes in the nLite hotfix section
    5) Set the rest of nLite as you see fit (or not) but it saves installation time and space
    6) Complete nLite and create iso image and burn to CD
    7) Get the driver pack from markey64 on this thread
    8) download the Vista Intel Chipset from the Sat Pro L40 driver page on Toshiba - it works on XP
    9) download the hotkey utility from "epildifor" on this thread (brightness control still doesn't work)
    10) download the Synaptics pad XP driver from their web site
    11) Burn drivers to another cd. The computer should now have XP on with the sound working (using the generic HiDef MS drivers which seem OK - does this automatically on install if the hotfixes are in nLite). I tried several flavours of Soundmax drivers from various sources including Vista and other Toshiba models but they all got rejected.
    12) Install the (Vista) Chipset drivers, then video, then all the others.
    13) Allow Windose to update, delete all rubbish, compact the disc and make a disc image for backup!

    Observations - always use a new copy of the XP CD files on your hard disc for generating an nLite iso. nLite messes up the configuration and I first installed a duff copy of XP cos it was my second attempt with nLite and I used the previous attempt folder.

    I had the "Universal OS" bios already on my machine so I haven't tried the XP one on the Toshiba download page.

    I hope this helps someone and come on Toshiba. Letâ??s have the drivers on the web site. Vista seemed very slow on this machine and XP is reasonably quick - it only just has the spec for Vista.

  9. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    Nov 2007

    I have tried the pack and it works perfect except the sound card... i have installed the 2 hotfix from Microsoft but is still does not work

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

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  10. Re: Need all drivers for Win XP on Satellite L40-12X
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    After installation of all XP hotifxes and patches you have to remove the sound card from device manager. After new reboot the OS should find the soundcard and you should install the newest sound driver from the Realtek card.

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