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Thread: RAM Upgrade on Satellite X200

  1. RAM Upgrade on Satellite X200
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    Oct 2007

    I have a Satellite x200-15k. From few days I just upgraded RAM from 2gb to 4gb.
    To issues I noticed the system only can read 3gb and the graphics card note become bigger as its supporting the turbo cache. Any ideas why?

    Specs from the website of Toshiba >>>>>> System memory standard : 2,048 (1,024 + 1,024) MB
    Maximum expandability: 4,096 MB
    Technology: DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)

    Graphics adapter manufacturer: NVIDIA®
    Type: NVIDIA® GeForce? 8700M GT supporting TurboCache? technology
    Memory amount: 256 MB dedicated VRAM (up to 2047 MB total available graphics memory using TurboCache? technology with 4 GB system memory)
    Memory type: DDR Video RAM (resp. DDR Video RAM and DDR system memory combined)
    Connected bus: 16x PCI Express

  2. Re: RAM Upgrade on Satellite X200
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    Mar 2007
    Hi mate,

    I think the problem might be in the shared memory configuration of the chipset because the system is taking that 1 GB for shared memory.
    Unfortunately you have no influence since the chipset is automatically assigning memory depending on how many you install.

    Thats no design flaw its rather (unfortunately) a decision of Intel/Nvidia.

    In that case you wont have any luck but since you dont work with CAD applications (which I assume :) ) or similar "memory-hungry" applications you wont recognize any performance change if it would be different (if you had 4 GB available and not 3Gig)


  3. Re: RAM Upgrade on Satellite X200
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    Oct 2007
    Thanks for answering but I guess this not the problem ,as the shared memory it should show me the real phisycal rams and the shared one or if you want the cuted one after.
    I search in the net i found this:
    An operating system problem that all 32 bit have, it cannot read more than 3gb of ram wat ever you do .. but I wonder what toshiba means by this supporting up to 4gb.
    They want you to purchase other system or OS which can read this rams wish is 64 bit only ....

  4. Re: RAM Upgrade on Satellite X200
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    Oct 2007
    latest update on this subject i have install the update of vista sp1 rc v.668 ; on my orginal 32bit X86 OS the result i can see all my 4gb of rams
    so i'm so satisfied from this update . early on 2008 Microsoft well release the first service pack sp1 and this it can allow you using 4GB in a X86 system

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