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Thread: Vista on Portege A100 - Can I update the BIOS?

  1. Vista on Portege A100 - Can I update the BIOS?
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    Aug 2007
    Had a go at installing this, and all is fine apart from installing the Value Added Package - the main thing I want to get working is the function keys for screen brightness and connecting a TV.

    I understand that upgrading the BIOS can help getting the VAP installed ( I get the ID ERR NOTINSTALLTVALZ message), I know that Toshiba are not directly supporting the A100 for Vista but is there a BIOS I can install that will work? I'm thinking there might be a similar machine that works in Vista or maybe just an A100 BIOS that will suffice?

    Many thanks!

  2. Re: Vista on Portege A100
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    May I ask where did you found the Vista Value Added Package for Portege A100?
    I didn’t find this Value Added Package on the Toshiba Europe site.

    There are only 3 files for Vista. One of the files is BIOS v1.60-WIN which seems to be OS-independent.

    Regarding the BIOS;
    You should know that the BIOS update is always risky.
    If you will use wrong BIOS version or wrong BIOS update procedure you can damage the motherboard!!!
    …and as you probably know the motherboard is one of the expensive notebook parts!!!
    It’s not worth to trying something which can damage the notebook. You know…

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