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Thread: How to install Toshiba software modem on Tecra M2

  1. How to install Toshiba software modem on Tecra M2
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    Feb 2006
    It has been a few months since I used dial up, then whilst travelling and found no ethernet cable to plug into I tried the dial up modem and it didn't work and was giving an error saying the modem was misconfigured or already in use.

    On closer inspection it seems the modem was configured to use COM3 port which did not show up on the device manager listing. I tried to amend the com port to COM11 which was listed as unused and then the window hung though the rest of the laptop / XP worked.

    I had to reboot the computer and found that the Toshiba Software Modem was no longer installed.

    So I went to the drivers site and downloaded the driver and tried to install it. It spent a few minutes updating the drivers then the window closed without any error message. Going to control panel modems add modem have driver and clicking on the INF file did nothing.

    So how do I get back the Toshiba Software Modem and when I do which port do I assign it to, also how do I know if all the COM ports are being recognised?

  2. Re: How to install Toshiba software modem on Tecra M2
    Did you already tried to recover your machine and check if the modem works with a newly and fresh installed system? I think that would be a quick and dirty solution since if you try to tinker in your system maybe it won´t work no matter how many time you spend.

    I mean, if you want to solve it quickly just try it, maybe it´s a software issue.


  3. Re: How to install Toshiba software modem on Tecra M2
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    Feb 2005

    As far as I know COM3 port will not be listed in device manager. Please remove all created ‘Dial-up’ connections, remove modem from device manager (when listed in device manager and restart your notebook).

    Usually the modem should be recognized and installed after restart. If not please post again.

  4. Re: How to install modem driver on Tecra M2
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    Oct 2007
    I have a tecra M1 and no modem will work on it. I first installed the 2000 OS drivers by mistake could not start device from the forums.
    I realized my mistake and found the xp drivers. UNinstalled the old ones, XP drivers installed nicely; looks fine no errors no conflicts, working properly com port 3.

    But when I query modem i get the port could not be opened it is busy please check the device manager for other problems with devices.

    I do see that all items are installed correctly.
    They are BUT I DID NOT INSTALL THE DRIVERS in the order prescribed in the instructions.
    The modem got installed after lan and wireless and a bunch of other stuff.

    I wanted to do a system restore to when I just installed windows XP Pro ( not the image of the M1) but I had not activated windows until after I installed the wireless drivers. I was afraid I would deactivate windows and that would be a bummer so I just created a restore point called "before I uninstalled drivers".

    Then I went to the control panel add or remove programs and removed everything in the opposite order from the install instructions, when I rebooted the wireless and lan installed before the modem and the modem still was not functional even though it said it ws working properly in the DM>

    Then I uninstalled wireless and lan installed the modem then rebooted AUGHHH. Not working

    Well, before this I purchased a used modem and installed it and that set up fine also and did not work I got the same error message!!! AUGHH
    THEN, I instaled a PCMCIA modem, It set up perfectly and got the same rror message. DOUBLE AUGHHHH

    So thats when I go to thinking of the correct order of install and sigh..........
    Well, if I system restore it, the way back to the time immediately after I installed windows and the rest will I be deactivated with Microsoft?
    And do you think it would work?

    If not if I wiped it and reinstalled XP and installed in the correct order do you think the modem problem would be fixed.

    Any ideas?

  5. Re: How to install modem driver on Tecra M2
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    Jan 2006

    It’s always important and advisable to install the drivers and tools in the right order.
    So I would really recommend installing the OS again, update it to the latest state and then install all the drivers like mentioned in the installation instruction.

    I don’t understand your problem with the OS activation but you can activate the Windows also after the whole installation of the Toshiba drivers and utilities.

    So check this!

    PS: Why you don't use the Toshiba recovery CD. This CD contains all Toshiba drivers
    and the win OS. The modem should works after the usage of the recovery CD

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