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Thread: Satellite A100 memory upgrade

  1. Satellite A100 memory upgrade
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    Dec 2006
    Hi All,
    I Have a satellite A100-583 which currently has 1gb of ram and want to know what is the largest that it can be upgraded to and is it worth doing,Also does it have to be replaced with 533ddr2 or can it be replaced with 667 and is that a better upgrade ?
    Can you also tell me what is SODIMM and if this make a difference ?

  2. Re: Satellite A100 memory upgrade

    the machine can be upgraded to a maximum of 4GB of main memory, and if it´s worthy can by no one be answered, but only by yourself.

    Do you really need it? I think the best would be that you upgrade to 2GB since you´re not a graphics designer which has larger pictures (which can be some gigabytes tall :) ).

    As a normal user under vista/XP you only need 2GB. You won´t even recognize the jump from 1GB to 2GB of RAM or more.

    Regarding the modules FSB frequency: it doesn´t matter which frequency you use, you really won´t gain any performance when using the 667mhz modules, so just obtain a fine pair of 2x2GB sticks with 533Mhz and just enjoy the "speed".

    Here´s a little explanation for S0-DIMM:


    have fun ;)


  3. Re: Satellite A100 memory upgrade
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    Aug 2005
    I completely agree with Dennis.
    There is no big difference between the 533 MHz and 667 MHz modules.
    You will not notice any performance improvement using the 667Mhz modules.

    By the way; do you know what modules are compatible?
    You should use the PC2-5300 memory modules like this one for example:

    Enjoy your nice A100

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