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Thread: ASR Backup on Satellite A-series notebook

  1. ASR Backup on Satellite A-series notebook
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    Aug 2007
    Since the machine has no internal FDD, I used a USB FDD to make an ASR backup. The main backup is on a USB HDD, and the recovery disk was created in the USB FDD.

    When attempting to use the ASR utility to restore the system to a new HDD, it fails with the message "Unable to find a floppy disk drive on the system" although the drive is clearly found as the machine boots. There are many references to this problem on Microsoft support, but none of them specific enough to help.

    Do Toshiba have a solution or is it impossible to use ASR Backups on the Satellite series that have no internal FDD?

  2. Re: ASR Backup on Satellite notebook

    usually the drive has to be recognized as a normal FDD, but I donīt know how the backup utility handles that thing.

    Can you please post the links to the microsoft articles? Maybe I can try to find some solution.
    Casually a little question: did you tried to put the data on a USB-stick and boot from it? Maybe it would be a idea to make on another computer a image from that disk and put it on a USB-stick.
    Perhaps it works?

    Keep me informed about your success.


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