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Thread: RAM upgrade for a Satellite A100-847

  1. RAM upgrade for a Satellite A100-847
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    Aug 2007
    I would like to upgrade the RAM for my A100-847 from my current 512 MB by adding another module for 512 MB but i face a compatibility problem because looking at the manual the only compatible modules are the following:
    256 MB: PA3389U-1M25
    512 MB: PA3412U-1M51
    1 GB: PA3411U-1M1G
    I tried looking for a module with these codes but I didn't find any in Romania. I could find a module from another manufacturer with the same specification but I don't know if these would function properly .
    So I need some advice .



  2. Re: RAM upgrade for a Satellite A100-847

    which manufacturer you have seen? If they have the same specs, then they should fit. The best decision would be to take some kingston or crucial modules. They were tested to work well with toshibas, so just consider buying some kingstons with the specs of the original toshiba modules and have fun with them.

    In case of some further question just ask.


  3. Re: RAM upgrade for a Satellite A100-847
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    Dec 2004

    If you want to buy high quality RAM modules please check http://www.kingston.com/products/default.asp

    On the left side choose option ‘Search by model name’ and you will find compatible modules for your notebook model.


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