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Thread: Question about cleaning keyboard of a Equium A60

  1. Question about cleaning keyboard of a Equium A60
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    Aug 2007

    I recently managed to spill cola onto the keyboard of an Equium A60 and the keys are sticking rather annoyingly. Nothing else was affected by the spill. Is there a way to clean the keys on these machines, such as by popping the key covers off? I am unwilling to put too much force to find out if this method will work as they don't seem to be the type that will pop off and I don't want to cause actual damage (or rather, any more damage). As far as I recall, the warranty period of over for the machine so I would prefer to take a solution I can perform myself rather than sending it in for a (probably) expensive "official" job. Any advice is welcome.

    Thank you

  2. Re: Equium A60 - Cleaning Keyboard?
    Hi there,

    sounds not so good. How do you know that only the keyboard was affected? You got some X-ray view? :)

    I would suggest you to bring the machine to a technician because if once some fluids touched more then deeply a notebook then you have a big problem.
    I cannot give you some advice to cleaning your keyboard because its not just some clothes which can be thrown in a tube with some oxy-clean.

    I would really suggest you to contact someone which is familiar with that kind of computer system.


  3. Re: Equium A60 - Cleaning Keyboard?
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    Well, I established that nothing was hugely affected by taking a risk and running it for a while (about an hour IIRC). Obviously there could be a problem that will only appear after an amount of time, but I established it is at least operational at the moment.

    I will see if I have any luck at the store it's from, but I have the feeling I'm going to end up trying myself anyway as in my experience stores have two options:
    1) We can fix it but we have to erase your data in the process whether the hard drive is anything to do with it or not
    2) We can have a go, but we don't really know if we can and no doubt we'll introduce some other problem
    That and the previously mentioned high prices.

    I don't have anything against the stores per se, and it might only be me and people I know that suffer, but they seem to make life very difficult.

    Surely there's someone here who has tried this before and can advise me, even if only to say "I made a total mess of it, don't go near the thing." As I said, I'll pop into the store and ask in the meantime.

    Also, sorry if this came out as a bit of a rant, that wasn't the intention.

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