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Thread: Portege M400: How to configure control buttons under Vista

  1. Portege M400: How to configure control buttons under Vista
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    Jul 2007
    Hello there!

    Can anybody tell me, how to use the buttonsetting.ini to configure the buttons with the TBSbtnSt.exe.
    Best result would be to get the Coursor- and Rotation-Buttons in the display-lid to work under Vista.

    Thanx for hints!!!
    Greetings Jochen

  2. Re: PortegeM400: How to configure control buttons under Vista
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    Jan 2006

    On the Toshiba European driver page you will find all necessary Vista drivers for a Portege M400.
    There is also an “Button Support” driver and this driver allows you to customize and preset TOSHIBA special button settings.
    There is also an Tablet PC Extension Package for Vista available!!!
    This driver package installs a range of important utilities and contains this apclations:

    TOSHIBA Rotation Utility: Set the default screen orientation you want the system to use when switching from PC to Tablet mode, or vice-versa.

    TOSHIBA Tablet PC Buttons Driver: You can dedicate tablet buttons to performing common tasks so that you can easily operate your tablet computer when you're away from your workstation. For example, you can dedicate a button to open a program or to change your screen orientation.

    TOSHIBA Accelerometer Utilities: These Utilities are a set of hardware utilities that work with the motion sensors built into you machine. With the Accelerometer, your machine will be able to detect the way you are holding it at any given moment. You can set the machine to perform a specific function when the unit is quickly tilted to the left or right, or to the front or back. You can also take control of the cursor in some applications and make it move by leaning the PC in a certain direction

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