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Thread: Loose/Broken hinge on my Satellite 2410-603

  1. Loose/Broken hinge on my Satellite 2410-603
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    Jun 2007

    the hinge on my 2410-603 notebook has worked loose to the point where it will not stay up unless i lean it against something. I was wondering if i am able to tightenen this somehow or whether it would need replacing. Anyone have a guide of how to get at the hinge??, or anyone know how much a replacement one is likely to cost??.

    I have searched on the net however havn't been able to find anything as yet.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Re: Loose/Broken hinge on my Satellite 2410-603

    unfortunately its not possible to tighten it, so you will have to purchase new hinges.
    I suggest you following:

    Look at ebay for such machine you have (maybe a defective would be good) and let a technician exchange it or ask an authorized service partner how many an exchange of the hinges will cost.
    If you need a link to find a ASP then you can try it here:


    Good luck

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