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Thread: Delayed start, shutdown procedure

  1. Delayed start, shutdown procedure
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    May 2007
    I have recently found that my lovely satellite pro has developed a resistance to being shutdwn or restarted. Going through the usual procedure is very slow. Start to shutdown is ok, but to get to the final options (box with restart, shutdown, is slow). No info on Google.

    Explorer is as fast as ever. Have defragged, cleaned, checked for viruses, checked with systemworks and all is ok.

    Running windows 2000 and am on network with XP computer.

    The only other problem, since attaching to network, is a tendency to lose printer settings (exclamation marks against printer, references to not being installed, though it works. Printer is local and not on network).

    Any ideas would be most welcome. It's all a bit scary, since it had a check up with Toshiba only a few weeks ago. Fault with shutdown developed after that. They recommend a complete reinstall, of course.

  2. Re: Delayed start, shutdown procedure
    Hi ellen,

    like the toshiba guys, I suggest you a reinstall, too. After a while an operating system becomes slower and slower due to misconfigured setting (does not matter which settings), and the
    registry becomes more and more full and causes the system to make really weird things.

    So, it would be good to backup you important data and reinstall windows with the recovery cd. After that you should have a clean and sober (from 3rd party software) system.
    Would appreciate some feedback if you perform that reinstall.


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