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Thread: Tecra 9100 is locking up

  1. Tecra 9100 is locking up
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    Apr 2007
    My Tecra 9100 has started to freeze quite often. It locks up and displays a black screen.

    Turning the power off is the only way I can get it to reboot. Once it reboots it tells me that chkdisk wants to check one of my discs for consistency.

    Is this a hard disc issue or should I look at other things to cure this problem?

  2. Re: Tecra 9100 is locking up
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    Aug 2005

    Don’t think it’s something wrong with the hardware… is sounds more like a corrupt files system on the HDD…
    The chkdsk messages appear always if the notebook or the OS was shot down in the wrong way…

    How about new OS installation?? When was your last OS installation???

  3. Re: Tecra 9100 is locking up
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    Apr 2007
    Hi thanks for that,
    I've had active smart ver 2.51 (a hard disk monitoring software) running for a couple of days now. Yesterday it told me that the hard disc is in need of replacing. Luckily for me I've got a spare so I'll fit it and see what happens.

  4. Re: Tecra 9100 is locking up
    Hello Terry

    Few months ago I have had similar problem with my old Satellite 1900. It was HDD problem in my case and checking it with one small tool it shows many bad sectors. I have tried to repair them with this tool but it is not good solution.

    Best thing you can do is buy new HDD and replace it. I have done the same.

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