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Thread: Portege P3440 asking for a BIOS password

  1. Portege P3440 asking for a BIOS password
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    Apr 2007
    I have a Portege P3440 which I haven't used for about 8 months. When I turn it on now it comes up with screen asking for a password, and unfortunately I don't remember the password.

    It seems like a net bios password but I am not sure. It has Win NT installed. Please help as it is getting rather urgent.

  2. Re: Portege P3440 asking for a BIOS password
    Sorry Shaana but if the BIOS password is not known to me it must be deleted. This can be done by authorized service only. :(

  3. Re: Portege P3440 asking for a BIOS password
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    Dec 2004
    It is very bad situation Shaana. I hope you will be able to enter preinstalled OS trying different words as possible password. Other way you must visit service. They can remove the BIOS password but it will cost a little bit.

    If you need Asp addresses you can find it under http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_gaspLocator.jsp?pf=true

  4. Re: Portege P3440 asking for a BIOS password
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    Hi there,

    I had the same issue, and i´ve sent my notebook to the local service partner. Unfortunately i had to pay some bucks that they remove my password which seemed to be complicated in removal, but they removed it successful.

    I don´t think there´s another way in removing the password.


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