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Thread: CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100 (PSAAA9)

  1. CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100 (PSAAA9)
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    Feb 2007
    I currently have a Satellite A100 with a Centrino Duo T2400 (1.83GHz) CPU inside of it. I was thinking of upgrading the CPU within the system, and was wondering what options do I have available?

    I am thinking of going to a Core2Duo processor as well as upgrading the RAM to 2GB (Vista Ultimate is a little sluggish when a lot of applications are running hence wanting to upgrade both CPU & RAM).

    Upgrading the processor isn't a problem to me (and I am not worried about voiding the warranty as the price of the notebooks has come down drastically that buying a replacement would be less of a hassle than sending the machine back to Toshiba).

    Thanks in advance

    PS. Vista runs perfectly fine on the A100 with full Aero tirned on with the Mobility X1400 module as supplied.

  2. Re: CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100 (PSAAA9)
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    at first I have to say, I donīt understand such people which are trying to change core components of a NOTEBOOK. Itīs not a desktop! ;)
    Why youīre then buying such machine? Why you donīt buy a machine with a Core2Duo cpu? Maybe you then donīt have to risk the revocation of your warranty. So, itīs not my problem but I just wanted to tell you.

    On the technical side (now weīre coming to my thing :) ) upgrading your machine will not be possible in that manner which you expect.
    So if youīre familiar with chipset specs, then you should know that the intel 945GM chipset which is embedded in that machine-series, is just specified to handle pure mobile cpuīs, so the centrino duo is a pure mobile cpu.

    And what you think is the core 2 duo? Itīs not a mobile cpu and itīs not possible to handle a core2duo with this chipset. Maybe a CoreDuo..
    Just a little reminder: centrino duo has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Core2Duo architecture!!!

    Did you even think about the heat dissipation? How would a cooling system which was designed for a centrino duo handle a Core2Duo with a absolutely different waste heat??

    I recommend you to upgrade your RAM and not installing useless Software which is breaking the performance of your machine so you wonīt have to void your warranty...

    I wish you a nice weekend and good luck in upgrading your machine

  3. Re: CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100 (PSAAA9)
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    Firstly thanks for your reply.

    Being a Core Duo CPU doesn't make it a mobile only CPU, as the Centrino Duo architecture is made up of 3 components not just one (CPU, Chipset & Intel 3945ABG Wireless card).
    The T2400 is also used in ViiV desktop machines as well, so it is not only a Mobile only CPU.

    The Core2Duo processors used in notebooks are the same as the desktop processors in both socket and thermal rating (which run a lot cooler and more efficient than some other notebook processors).

    The i945GM chipset is not the chipset inside my machine. The GM model of the 945 chipset has integrated Intel graphics, which my notebook doesn't having the integrated graphics but has a seperate ATI Radeon Mobility Express X1400 module with dedicated 256MB of VRAM + upto an extra 256MB of HyperMemory architecture). The i945GM does indeed support the Core2Duo CPU's as specified in the A100-496 model of the Satellite range. The chipset inside my notebook is the i945PM, which according to Intels own pages is one of the performance mobile chipsets and actually a higher spec than the 945GM. The exact model I have is the A100-756.

    The reason I didn't get a Core2Duo machine was that this notebook was an insurance replacement for my old M30 series that got damaged, so I didn't really have much of a choice in what I got

    I was hoping that somebody from Toshiba would be able to give me the answer without having to fully research it myself but I now know from doing my own homework that the laptop will support Core2Duo processors with the existing thermal solution, of T7200 & T7400 Core2Duo CPU's as long as the BIOS can support them (which is what I really wanted to know from Toshiba).

    Also what has my choice of running Vista Ultimate over XP SP2 got to do with anything? Vista isn't slowing anything down at all even with Aero turned on (the ATI GPU takes care of that side of things) and performance is the same in XP SP2 as it is under Vista. The current spec of the machine rates as 4 on the performance scale with is higher than an Athlon64 X2 3800 with double the amount of RAM and WD Raptors in a desktop config using a similar desktop ATI GPU.
    I would like the machine to be a little quicker without having to replace the whole thing as I am happy otherwise and it was a thought, and replacing the CPU with a Core2Duo processor and doubling the RAM will be cheaper than replacing the whole notebook. I would also like to have EM64T as well with the T2400 lacks but the T7200 & T7400 support.

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