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Thread: Not possible watching DVD: error message - create overlay failed

  1. Not possible watching DVD: error message - create overlay failed
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    When I put a dvd in I click to play on Win DVD. A message comes up create overlay failed. Lower screen resolution or colour depth. I have tried both of these but it doesn't make any difference. Any ideas?

  2. Re: Not possible watching DVD: error message - create overlay failed

    What OS was installed on you notebook. Do you use W2k???
    In my knowledge something like that could occurs if an external monitor is connected and extended desktop is enabled in display properties.

    I found also some useful tips on different websites:
    Please check these steps:

    1. Make sure that notebook hardware acceleration is set to full.
    Software DVD players require this setting; otherwise they cannot take advantage of the video card's overlay capabilities.
    Here is how to do this:
    - Right click anywhere on the desktop and choose Properties.
    - Select the Settings tab and click the Advanced button.
    - Select the Performance tab.
    - make sure the Hardware Acceleration is set to full.

    2. Make sure that DirectDraw acceleration was enabled in the DirectX utility
    - To start the DirectX you have to type the command DXDIAG in the RUN window.
    - then select the Display tab.
    - in the middle left side you will see a setting for DirectDraw Acceleration. It should be Enabled

    Then reboot the notebook and check if itís possible to watch DVD

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