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Thread: Tecra 9100 hdd not recognised

  1. Tecra 9100 hdd not recognised
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    Feb 2007
    When I replace the hdd in my tosh the bios says no hard disk is installed.
    The new hard disk is MK2016GAP I have tried with and without the Slave/Master link.

    Any clues?

  2. Re: Tecra 9100 hdd not recognised

    The MK2016GAP is a 20GB HDD.
    I searched in the internet for the Tecra 9100 and found out that the notebook was delivered with 40GB or 60GB HDD.
    So BIOS shouldnít have any problems with the HDD size. The HDD size is definitely supported.

    So I think itís a jumper problem or you did not connect the HDD corectly.
    I donít know how the jumper was set on your old HDD but you should check the jumper position and set it also on the new HDD.

  3. Re: Tecra 9100 hdd not recognised
    Please check how you put the Harddrive into the slot. A friend of mine had the same machine with the same problem and he had the problem that he gets a new drive from a service center to swap with the defective one. As we swapped the harddisks we didnīt recognize that we flipped the drive and put it into the slot. But at this time the drive was not connected. After we powered the book up, the drive was not recognized. Then we removed the drive an flipped the drive into the right position. Then we pushed it slightly onto the connector of the Mainboard. After that the drive was recognized.

    Just check it out and try it, maybe it helps.


  4. Re: Tecra 9100 hdd not recognised
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    Feb 2007
    I've got the jumpers set to make the drive master. I've also tried checking the connections and everything seems fine.

    This Tecra 9100 was supplied with a 20Gig drive so its probably an old model. I.ve upgraded the bios to 1.6 and I know the drive works because it works fine in a usb caddy.

    The drive does not work in the slim select bay adapter also.

    I can only assume that the Tosh bios is incompatible with this drive. I've ordered a replacement drive which will arrive tomorrow so fingers crossed :)

  5. Re: Tecra 9100 hdd not recognised
    Good luck

    And keep us informed about your progress. :)

  6. Re: Tecra 9100 hdd not recognised
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    Feb 2007

    Bought a Samsung 80Gig drive from PC world £44.95.
    Works a treat.

    The MK2016GAP has now been put back in my usb caddy I'll not waste my time trying to get it to work in my Tecra again.

    Thanks for your time chaps.

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