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Thread: Satellite Pro A120: Resetting known HDD password via BIOS

  1. Satellite Pro A120: Resetting known HDD password via BIOS
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    Dec 2006
    Satellite Pro A120SE
    HDD password is known - No problem there.
    According to the Toshiba documentation the HDD password can be reset in the BIOS.

    Following the instructions in the documentation, a new password is entered but a 'beep' is returned and it is clear that the password has not been changed.
    A support call was placed approx. 2 months ago with the reseller who could not resolve the issue. The reseller contacted the Toshiba support helpdesk who told them that the HDD password reset should be possible and that they had no explanation or solution.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

  2. Re: Resetting known HDD password via BIOS
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    Feb 2005

    As far as I know HDD password can not be removed or reseted.

    Maybe I have misunderstood something.

  3. Re: Resetting known HDD password via BIOS
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    Dec 2006
    Thanks for the response and the links. Please note that I have not forgotten my HDD password.

    The first link you provided relates to forgotten HDD passwords - not applicable.

    The second link states: "On BIOS SETUP, you can set/change/delete the HDD User Password without operating the BIOS User Password. And you also can operate the HDD Master Password on it."

    This seems to show that the password(s) can be changed although I am not sure what "operate" means specifically in this context.

    I am wondering whether there are some complications/inconsistencies caused by setting passwords using TPU (Toshiba Password Utility) and then trying to reset them via TPU and then the BIOS. On initial set-up I used TPU to declare the password and was provided a check-box to link a "user" password to the HDD Password. This has all been a little confusing re which user/supervisor/HDD passwords are being set and when.

    Now in TPU the check-box to link passwords is unavailable (greyed out) and so cannot be deselected. I do not know if this causes/exacerbates the problem.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  4. Re: Resetting known HDD password via BIOS
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    Dec 2006
    I have finally managed to change my HDD password. So if anyone else has the same problem or is interested, read on:

    1. Ensure that all BIOS, User and Supervisor passwords of every description are removed using TPU and Security Assist (the latter seemed the most effective). I am unsure if every password needs to be removed but I couldn't be bothered running through a controlled test to see which dependencies were in place.
    2. The HDD password cannot be removed using Security Assist BUT choosing the HDD Password option allows another BIOS User Password to be created. Ensure that this password is also deleted if it has been added in error.
    3. Using SETUP BIOS (i.e. start machine; Hold Esc; Press F1), Tab to the HDD Password section which should be displayed as follows:
    HDD Password
    HDD = Built-in HDD
    HDD Password Mode = USER Only
    User Password = Registered
    (NB. The "USER Only" entry is, I believe, the important entry)

    4. Tab to the "User Password" field and simply enter the old password and then a new one twice (once to verify) as one would do normally.

    I can only think that this became such a problem due to the multiple BIOS/User/Supervisor passwords which can be entered via TPU, Security Assist and the BIOS itself. Conflicts occur due to multiple passwords being in operation and the BIOS SETUP will not allow the HDD Password to be changed until these conflicts have been resolved.

    Good luck.

  5. Re: Resetting known HDD password via BIOS
    Thanks for the great info.
    As far as I know this tool diagnoses your PC and helps you to apply secure settings.
    I think if someone is little bit confused with all this passwords and different security settings this tool helps and provide many useful information and advises.

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