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Thread: BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400

  1. BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400
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    Jun 2006
    The new BIOS release (1.8) for Portege M400 solves the problem of fan noise. The readme.txt explains that the temperature will be increased only in three degrees. Very important patch, very recommended for M400 users.

    Now i can use my tablet in my business meetings without having to give explanations to the clients of the noise of the ventilator.


  2. Re: BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400
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    good to hear that Toshiba has done something against this annoying thing. Thanks.


  3. Re: BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400
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    Hello Jose

    It is very nice to hear that you are satisfied now. I have read your previous postings and I can understood you about this annoying issue with cooling fan but now you can see that notebook manufacturer try to make the product better even though the product is on the market.

    I am also sure that customer’s feedback can help to identify the problem if persist und after that systematic search for the solution or change for the better.

  4. Re: BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400
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    Hi josemanuel,

    Can you please post the downloadlink where you downloaded the biosupdate that solves the fan noise problem ? My reseller sent me the following link :
    http://support.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB6A01KJ0000R01.htm . But it seems to me that the content of the downloaded files there are different from the content of the 1.8 Bios update that you reach via the normal bios update page under http://www.toshiba-tro.de/subpage/bios.html although it is the same file version. (Maybe somebody from Toshiba can clarify this ?).

    Also, the update didn't really solve the fan noise problem of my Portege M400. It know changes speed very often, almost with each use or clicks of software, and when it starts turning quicker, it is still too loud to be conveninently used either in meetings or calm at home. What is your experience with that? Do you have some more hints or tips that might help me ?

    I am also amazed about Toshiba's annoucment that the low noise bios update (which isn't really low noise on my model) is a special udate and that upcomping updates (i.e. the current 2.10 ?) won't include the low fan noise feature ? I am wondering why they don't make the low fan noise a fact for every user as the laptop isn't usable at all with the loud fan, especially for a tablet PC that you use in meetings to avoid making noise when typing, but also light night at home.

    By the way, I find that the laptop isn't really getting hot, so that there should be still more room for a slower fan config in the bios.

    (I have been using other notebook for the last 5 years. They have really quite fans and it is a pleasure to work with them. I now wanted a Tablet PC, and as Toshiba has a long experience in tablet PC's and because of the M400's current config - Core 2 Duo processor, 120 GB HD, 1400x1050 screen reslolution -, I went for the Toshiba).

    Please help !

  5. Re: BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400
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    Jan 2007
    Hi csconsult,
    in my experience, I have changed the cpu in my M400, from T2300, to T2600 and have tried T7200 and T7600, the fan fix ONLY WORKS WITH CORE DUO not CORE 2 DUO. Because of that my current processor is a T2600.
    An interesting finding is that the Qosmio G30/HD shares the same problem, my wife has one, which came with the T2500 core duo, and I upgraded it to a T7600, it works flawlessly except that the fan is now noticeably lowder.
    I have tried every bios upgrade for my M400, now I use the 3.10 for vista, my operating system is Vista Ultimate 32 bits, and everything works fine except bitlocker due to the bios not being compatible with the TPM.
    I hope that toshiba releases a new bios fix for the fan noise in the core 2 duo models, because it makes the computer unberable in professional use.

  6. Re: BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400
    Hello Sylvain

    If you check http://www.toshiba-tro.de/subpage/bios.html carefully you will find BIOS version 1.8W. With this version you must update BIOS on your Portege M400.

    I don’t know exactly what happen exactly after doing this but I presume the CPU activity will be a little bit slowed down. Not much but enough to run under ‘critical level’ and cooling fan will be slowed down.

    I can not imagine that BIOS update is given for download without tests and without any reason. Make BIOS update with right version and please let us know what happen.

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