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Thread: Satellite Pro 4600 freezes for a while

  1. Satellite Pro 4600 freezes for a while
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    Nov 2006
    I have a 4600 satellite pro and during normal operation and with out any warning the computer freezes the mouse does not move, numlock will not turn off/on.
    Then again with out any warning the computer will be working fine again.

    I have noticed that the CPU fan does not seem to be working at all and never switches on (it used to :p)
    So i am thinking that this may be that the processor is over heating or something long those lines.

    Is there a program that can test the CPU fan or what can i do to fix this problem?

  2. Re: Satellite Pro 4600 freezes for a while

    The fan should start to rotate and to cool the devices inside the notebook if the temperature increases to a certain level.
    If the cooling module does not work so itís very risky and not advisable to use the notebook! The CPU and/or the motherboard can damage!

    Usually you donít need to install any additional applications to control the fan usage.
    The Toshiba notebook uses a Toshiba power saver which controls the for example CPU and the cooling method.

    But also without this software the cooling module should works! So if you think the fans donít work properly you should contact the technician guy for a notebook check!

  3. Re: Satellite Pro 4600 freezes for a while
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    In my opinion it is definitely not because of overheating. By overheating the unit switches off without any warning. In your case I presume it can be caused because of some activities in the background. I have noticed similar situation when I close few internet explorer pages very fast. I can remove just mouse but the application windows are like frozen.

    I must wait sometimes about 10 seconds and then suddenly all windows close very fast. After that I can use notebook as usual. I really donít know why this happens but some operation block the CPU or memory usage.

  4. Re: Satellite Pro 4600 freezes for a while
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    Nov 2006
    its not background processes that are doing that ;P i keep(try to keep) my computers spyware free lol

    I'm not using the same operating system that came with the laptop so i don't have the Toshiba power saver, but as you say it should work anyway
    as i thought it was a cooling problem so i stopped using the laptop as soon as i realized that the fan was not working and I'm using a different Toshiba laptop (mine all are) but i have never had hardware problems with any of them. :(
    the fan does not work no matter what operating system i use and Linux is known for every thing working lol so I'm assuming that the fan is broken
    well thanks everyone :)

  5. Re: Satellite Pro 4600 freezes for a while
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    Dec 2006
    This can ONLY be a background process (driver, system resources etc.) that keeps your Laptop busy. Not all processes can be monitored with the Task manager (Ctrl+shift+esc)
    You will never have a freezing of a Computer because of overheating and few moments later a normal operation as you described it.

    Your fan is not rotating? Have you started a power intense application? Still no spinning? Temperature/Fan spinning is controlled by the Bios so even if you run an application to start the fan, the BIOS controls it. There is also the possibility of a loose or broken powercable to the vent, or a "stuck" vent. (do you have children sticking things into laptops openings ? ;) )


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