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Thread: Tecra 9100: error about USB controller drivers

  1. Tecra 9100: error about USB controller drivers
    I have a Tecra 9100, I would transfer my images from my portable telephone to the PC with a USB cable. It gives error like "for Universal Serial Bus Controllers there is no drivers installed for this device".

    Depending to the help of windows, it must be, under the title: universal serial bus controllers, "Hi-speed USB.2.0 controllers must be enabled" but there is no Hi-speed USB 2.0 between the subtitles.

    Couldn't I install any driver or program from internet or is it a hardware problem?

    Thank you.

  2. Re: Tecra 9100: error about USB Controller drivers
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    I think you should check the drivers in device manager.
    You can download them here:


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