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Thread: Portege M400-103 boots up very slow

  1. Portege M400-103 boots up very slow
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    Oct 2006
    My new M400-103 seems slow. I previously had a other unit & even though it was a solo processor it still compares favourably in speed for instance in booting up to my new machine.
    I've seen that part of the problem may lie with all of the util programs that Toshiba load as standard at start-up but surely with the dual-core processor the notebook should still be faster.

    I have set power management to FULL POWER etc but this does not make a major difference. I see some of the comments posted mention removing of the Toshiba OS & re-installign Windows XP but I would prefer not to do this & rather tweak the existing OS if possible.

    Has anyone else had similar experience. Also the touchpad on the M400 seems more finicky than the other touchpads, maybe I still need to get used to it?

  2. Re: Portege M400-103 boots up very slow
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    Jan 2006

    As you already mentioned in you posting the Toshiba notebooks uses a lot of own applications to control all the features on the notebook.
    If you want to use all the notebook features so you need all the applications. That is fact.

    In my knowledge the Portégé supports a lot of “new generation” applications like rotation utility, Toshiba tablet software, protect suite, HDD protection and so on …

    Of course if you will not use this features you can remove it. I think then the notebook would boot up much faster.
    Furthermore on many notebooks the Norton Anti virus is enabled and this utility slows down the booting procedure. This issue appears on my notebook too. The loading of the antivirus application take about 45sec.

    Ok, you notebook uses a Dual Core CPU but this is no really a reason for much faster booting.

    PS: Do you know a application called “bootvis” or something like that? This application monitors the booting procedure and is able to make it faster.

  3. Re: Portege M400-103 boots up very slow
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    Oct 2006
    Thanks for your response. I have already removed Norton anti-virus & although it helped it was not enough of an improvement for me. I have now also upgraded the RAM to 1.5G & this seems to have made the machine more nippy.

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