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Thread: Satellite keeps shutting down

  1. Satellite keeps shutting down
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    Sep 2006
    hi just joined this forum , i have a toshiba satelitte laptop which when running 2 or 3 applications at the same time especially web cams the laptop keeps cutting off without any warning and seems to be getting hot underneath can anybody help me with this issue. john

  2. Re: note book keeps shutting down

    What notebook do you have?
    This sounds like an overheating issue. The running of 2 or 3 applications together will increase the CPU performance and the temperature.
    Does the notebook getting hot at side where the heat sink is placed?
    This happens because the warmness emanates. The CPU and graphic card produce a lot of warmness and therefore the cooling modules try to cool the parts and circulate the warm air.

    But if the fans cannot rotate and cool properly because of the dust and debris so the temperature increases to the higher level and the notebook shuts down automatically to prevent from the motherboard and CPU damage.

    In such cases mostly the cleaning of the cooling module and the fans help to avoid such overheating issues. You can use careful the vacuum cleaner to clean the ventilators. But be careful!

    If it doesn’t help and the overheating issue persists so I would really recommend contacting the Toshiba service partner in your country,
    The guys should check the notebook.

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