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Thread: Qosmio E10: Hard Disk died - NO IDE DISK message

  1. Qosmio E10: Hard Disk died - NO IDE DISK message
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    Aug 2006

    Last night my hard disk screamed really loudly and has now died. I get the NO IDE DISK message.
    I obviously need to replace the hard disk.
    Can anyone please tell me how and where to buy one. At least 80 Meg or more. Cannot find anything on the Toshiba web site about spare parts.

    I live in Spain so will need to get it shipped to me.

    Also does anyone know if someone can examine the old hard disk and try and rescue my data. A lot was not backed up. Such as photos and kids singing.



  2. Re: Qosmio E10: Hard Disk died - NO IDE DISK message
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    Dec 2004

    Try to connect HDD to other PC as external one. Maybe you will be able to rescue some data. Other way you can try to check HDD using sector repair tool. One of them is HDD regenerator.

    Maybe after doing this you will be able to start OS again. I have had similar problem. HDD Regenerator will not repair HDD but it can be used again.

    In my opinion you donít need any special HDD and I also think that you should be able to use 100GB one. You can order it by service partner in your country or take old one in pc store and talk with your local dealer. He will advice you what to do.

  3. Re: Qosmio E10: Hard Disk died - NO IDE DISK message
    This sounds really like a head crash.
    You can try to put the old HDD in the external USB case and then you can test if the HDD will be recognized or not.
    I think if the HDD cannot be recognized so it will be not able to rescue the files.

    As Pedro has mentioned in the post above you can use a various HDD but you have to pay attention to the HDD size. I assume that the 100 GB should be supported but the BIOS could have some problems with the bigger HDDs

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