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Thread: Graphics upgrade for a Satellite A100-163

  1. Graphics upgrade for a Satellite A100-163
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    Jun 2006
    I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the graphics in the Toshibe Satellite A100-163. In the specifications on this website, it states that it is connected by the new PCI Express x16 bus, does this mean that it is infact a seperate graphics card in my laptop that at a later date I would be able to upgrade?
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  2. Re: Graphics upgrade for a Satellite A100-163
    Well, the unit was delivered with a ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1400 128MB.
    But generally it's not possible to upgrade the graphic card on the notebook.
    The graphic cards on the notebooks are simply different as the cards in the desktop PCs.

  3. Re: Graphics upgrade for a Satellite A100-163
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    Jun 2006
    I was wondering if this is one of the new laptop motherboards with a PCI express card connected through a PCI Express port tho, as you can now get laptops that have a PCI express port for future graphics card upgrade. I know that a standard desktop card would not go in a laptop, but laptop graphics cards are beginning to appear but they are still quite expensive and hard to get.
    Just under the speficiations of this laptop, the graphics bus is the PCI Express x16, and I just wanted to know if this was either the graphics where of the built-in adapter type which was connected through the PCI Express x16 bus, or that it was in fact a seperate graphics adapter that was connected to a PCI Express x16 port. As if it was the port version, then technically the existing graphics card could be removed and replaced with another card.

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