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Thread: Portege M200 not detecting tablet mode

  1. Portege M200 not detecting tablet mode
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    Jun 2006
    I've just received my M200 back from a warranty repair, where it had it's system board replaced. It seems to have acquired the Accelerometer utilities and motion detection functionality, which either weren't there or I wasn't aware of before (it had a clean rebuild many times, and I was never prompted to calibrate this utility). However, It no longer seems to be able to detect it's current operating mode - i.e. it no longer rotates the screen automatically when I switch to tablet mode, and when I set features such as Tablet Access Code to only operate in Tablet mode, they don't operate at all regardless of mode.

    In addition, I've just checked the power settings, and nothing happens when the lid is closed regardless of the setting here. The machine keeps running, and I can see the backlight is still on, shining out from the closed case.

    It seems to me like they've neglected to connect the lid close button, which I guess would be how it realises it's gone into tablet mode as well as when to turn off the backlight etc for a lid close. I've tried pressing the lid close button independently and nothing happens. I suspect it's going to be another warranty return, but does anyone know of anything else I might be missing?

    Can anyone advise?

  2. Re: Portege M200 not detecting tablet mode
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    Hello Tim

    On your unit there are too many different problems and it must be checked correctly. I know that you maybe want to solve it on easiest way but I believe that without service partner there is not much to do. Please contact them and ask for full check.

    They should use factory settings and test everything, especially tablet mode usage.

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