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Thread: Upgrade DVD firmware on Satellite M70-160

  1. Upgrade DVD firmware on Satellite M70-160
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    Apr 2006
    Hi all, i searched the forum but i didn't find anything similar, so here is my problem.
    i bought a DVD+R DL RiDisc (CMC Manufacturer) and although NERO sees it as a DL, it can't write it, showing me this error
    "Focus or tracking error
    D: MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-841S
    ...Could not perform start of Disc-at-once".

    i called the shop where i bought the disc and told me that the drive needs firmware upgrade...

    So the question, how can i upgrade it and where can i find the firmware??

    i know the manual don't say anything about CMC manufacturer, but only for MCC, TY etc, but perhaps some day i'll need this kind of discs.
    the drive is Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-841S according to windows, but according to manual is UJ-841B. are they really different?

    thank you all.

  2. Re: Upgrade DVD firmware on Satellite M70-160

    I have read on some websites and other forums that not all DL medias are compatible.
    Iím not sure if you need different firmware for UJ-841S and UJ-841B.
    I have found this website. On his site you should be able to find many firmware applications.
    Maybe you will find the right one:

  3. Re: Upgrade DVD firmware on Satellite M70-160
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    Dec 2004
    Hi Niko

    If you Google a little bit you will find a lot of forums where the users have the same problem with different DVD burners.

    I recommend you to download latest Nero version and try again.

  4. Re: Upgrade DVD firmware on Satellite M70-160
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    Apr 2006
    Thanks for your answers.
    I have seen this site but the UJ-841S that has, it is not for Toshiba laptops. Is it safe to use it?
    I have also Google it and nothing particular, except from the site that you mentioned above...

    Have you ever had problems like this?

    Thanks again.

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