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Thread: Tecra M3 running very noisy

  1. Tecra M3 running very noisy
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    May 2006
    My Tecra M3 PTM30E is 4 months old and I am beginning to find it unbearbable to use. The noise of the fan is a source of irritation to everyone at meetings and is nearly as loud as the overhead projector.

    It never stops despite my best efforts at stepping down all processor activity. As I write this I only have one web browser open and it is running very loud and hot and giving me and those sitting near me a headache. I have heard many reports of this same problem.
    How was this ever released?

    Is there anything Toshiba can do about this, new firmware, drivers etc? I am ready to bin this laptop please help!


  2. Re: Tecra M3 running very noisy
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    Dec 2004
    Hi Jim

    My opinion is that units are much louder than before. I use an older Tecra M1 and this unit is very, very quiet. My colleague has the same unit as you and it is much louder than mine.

    The fact is that with new hardware architecture und newer mobile technology the units are much powerful than before but the disadvantage is that units produce more warmness and must be cooled more and more.

    In your case I recommend you to use power saver settings and slow down the cooling method. I believe that on meeting you don’t need maximum performance and unit should run with lower CPU activity. On the left side you can see different profiles. Try to use profile called “Presentation”. If the unit is still loud change the settings manually.

    Sorry but I don’t see any other possibility to reduce the cooling fan speed.

    Good luck!

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