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Thread: Satellite Pro L20 - No Sound From Front Speakers

  1. Satellite Pro L20 - No Sound From Front Speakers
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    May 2006
    I've just bought the L20 notebook. Everything works okay apart from the front speakers. I'm not getting any sound from them. Sound works fine through the head phone socket. I've run the Toshiba diagnostic test and that didn't make any sound either. In the volume control window each volume slider is at max and the mute tick boxes are unticked. The only obvious problem in the volume control window is that the 'PC Speaker' section is greyed out and cannot be selected. I have installed the latest BIOS and Sound drivers from Toshiba's website but no joy. Am I missing something obvious here? Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Re: Satellite Pro L20 - No Sound From Front Speakers
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    Jan 2006

    If the sound works fine through the headphones so I assume there is all ok with the onboard sound card.
    There could be a speaker malfunction. If the notebook is covered by warranty all replacements will be done for free.
    The speakers are not very expensive and you should ask the service for the help.

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