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Thread: Satellite Pro L20: Need new recovery CD

  1. Satellite Pro L20: Need new recovery CD
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    May 2006
    I bought a satellite pro L20 and lent it to a friend of mine to borrow. When he returned the laptop it was full of viruses and had to be wiped.
    I've lost the recovery disc or whatever is needed and i now have a laptop with no sound and no wireless.

    Can somebody please help as I've tried to download the drivers and they don't work and I have also emailed toshiba and they havent responded.
    Thanks a lot.
    My email adress is jotreece@hotmail.com if anyone has a spare recovery cd...

  2. Re: Satellite Pro L20: Need new recovery CD
    Hi Jonathan

    Itís not very serious problem if you have lost the Recovery CD. The Toshiba service partner in your country offers all compatible devices and parts, also the CDs.
    You can order the CD from this service partner.


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