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Thread: Portege 3440ct OS install problems

  1. Portege 3440ct OS install problems
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    Apr 2006
    hi there,
    Just decided to dig out my 3440ct that has Windows 98se on it, and reformat an update it with XP. It only has 64mb at the moment but i thought if all went well then i would upgrade to 192mb and whack in a bigger hard drive than the 6gb original drive it has at the moment. i ve got the usb floppy a pcmcia ( a Toshiba one).

    When i try to install XP it sees the Cd and begins the start up process, eg. loading devices. But whenever it gets to the last line saying "Setup is now starting..." it crashes with a blue screen with a "0x0000007B" error which i think is something to do with the boot drive.

    I then stripped out the dive and installed XP sucessfully on a desktop using an adapter, put it back into the laptop it boots fine up until the first wime you see the XP logo and then crashes with the same error

    I then tried a 60gb drive i had in my main laptop which i know works fine and got exactly the same message.

    I then tried Windows 2000 which had the same problems, but finally did work with 98SE. I ve tried both with FAT and NTFS and i installed the latest 1.60 bios. But to no avail.

    Anyone got any good ideas as to what im doing wrong?

  2. Re: Portege 3440ct OS install problems
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    When you install recovery CD it is just one file and when the external drive is right connected and recognized it is not problem to install it but when you install original Microsoft version the installation must be interrupted and the unit must restart before the installation continues. At this moment the external drive can not be found anymore. I presume that this is the problem in your case.

    Try to create two partitions and copy whole Win CD on second partition and try to install the unit again.

  3. Re: Portege 3440ct OS install problems
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    Apr 2006
    After you have created two partitions, do you install from the partition with Win on it to the other partition, to the same partition or from the cd?

    Thanks for your help (if it works!)

  4. Re: Portege 3440ct OS install problems
    The solution suggested by Mike30 is the only way to overcome the fact that a vanilla Microsoft windows CD does not load external PCMCIA CD drivers into memory. The approproiate Toshiba Recovery CD has all the necessary drivers.

    In my case I started with a genuine W2000 image on a Portege 3490 and used this as the basis for an XP upgrade. The only way I could perform the upgrade was to copy the entire CD to a separate partition and if I remember correctly, I ran the XP upgrade from the D: drive (the second partition).

    I have even managed to upgrade a 6GB HD Portege 3440 to XP, but that's another story!

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