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Thread: Portege M200 - strange keyboard issue

  1. Portege M200 - strange keyboard issue
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    Apr 2006
    I'm having problems with this keyboard. I've edited the text to6correct the faults.
    The keys seem to be remapped as follows.

    How can I fix this?

    6 = 6 + space
    space = 6 + space
    0 = 0 + y
    y = 0 + y
    p = p + h
    h = p + h
    left arrow = left arrow + /
    / = left arrow + /

    I'm6 phaving6 phroblems6 witph6 tphis6 ke0yboard.6 6 I've6 edited6 tphe6 text6 to6 correct6 tphe6 faults.6 6 tphis6 is6 tphe6 original6 text.

    Tphe6 ke0ys6 seem6 to6 be6 remaphphed6 as6 follows.

    PHow6 can6 I6 fix6 tphi?


  2. Re: Portege M200 - strange keyboard issue

    How long does this issue occur?
    Did you install any 3rd party applications which could have a bad influence on this OS?

    Well, if this issue occurs on a fresh recovered OS so it could be a something wrong with the keyboard.
    I don't think that this issue can be solved without any experience. In this case you should contact the service.

  3. Re: Portege M200 - strange keyboard issue
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    Apr 2006
    It's been happening since I collected the unit. It is on loan, and am told it was not doing this before.

    yes, I think a service call is in order.

    thanks for your reply!!

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