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Thread: I removed my supervisor password - Libretto 50CT

  1. I removed my supervisor password - Libretto 50CT
    OMG Help!

    I was about to sell my Libretto 50CT and the buyer asked me to remove my passwords and I removed my supervisor password.

    I initialy rebooted my Libretto 50CT and it booted without asking for a password. But after leaving it switched off for a while I just checked it again and now its asking for a password again! And it not one i know!

    Is there any maintenance password released for this product as it so old it is not cost effective to post it to Toshiba. I can supply my serial number by e-mail if it helps.

    Plx Tosh I got a Toshiba Heeeeeeelp!

  2. Re: I removed my supervisor password - Libretto 50CT

    Please check if itís possible to enter the BIOS. Check if itís possible to change or to delete the password. If itís not possible so you can contact the ASP to remove the password.

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