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Thread: Equium A60 - Severe Graphics Issues

  1. Equium A60 - Severe Graphics Issues
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    Feb 2006
    I own an "Equium A60-156 P4 532/XP HE/256MB/40GB/15TFT/DVD-SuperMulti" which I have upgraded with 512MB ram, so now it has 640MB Ram for the system and 128MB for the graphics.

    My problem is, even though it meets the apparent minimum system requirements for various games (such as "Fable: The Lost Chapters), it doesn't display correctly in game. The grass is white, the water yellow, the text unreadable etc etc...

    I don't care about advanced graphics like shading and water ripples, I just want it so my laptop will actually display the right colours during a game!

    I've tried the latest driver from Toshiba website, the update from Windows, AND even searched for drivers on the ATI website with no luck.

    Is my laptop doomed to be rubbish and not play games or is there soemthing I can do????

  2. Re: Equium A60 - Severe Graphics Issues
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    May 2005
    Hi Joe,

    Unfortunately the grpahics drivers for your notebook will have been deliberately de-engineered in order to prevent the graphics chip from producing too much heat.

    As you probably know, the graphics chip is integrated onto your mainboard to reduce space and as such it has no separate cooling. The graphics drivers are therefore specially adapted to remove those aspects of the chip functionality that would tend to produce too much heat.

    It is usually the case that the latest games tend to use the features that have been omitted from your notebook's drivers.

    Unfortunately, there is no eassy solution to this problem since the latest chip manufacturer's drivers will not load correctly on your notebook without modification.

    I would suggest you try the latest drivers for your graphics chip from http://www.omegadrivers.net/ but beware of over-heating your graphics chip since this can cause danage necessitating a new mainboard.


  3. Re: Equium A60 - Severe Graphics Issues
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    Mar 2006
    So, is this suggesting that the reason its not working is because the chipset was not designed to handle 128mb of video memory?

    I've been trying to find a way of getting my chipset to stop lagging in games, and i thought that the only way was to buy a new laptop, because the A60 - 156 chipset was only 64mb.

    Or is this a different problem, and will i be able to increase my graphics memory by installing more system memory?

  4. Re: Equium A60 - Severe Graphics Issues
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    Feb 2006
    No, it can handle 128MB graphics if you extend the system memory. The problem seems to be that the graphics card doesn't have hardware t&l and doesn't support pixel/vertex shading. No amount of driver updates can make up for what the hardware simply doesn't have.
    I think I've learned my lesson in that you should check up on everything before buying a laptop and the Equium series just won't cut it for games.

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