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Thread: Rebooting!!!!

  1. Rebooting!!!!
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    Sep 2017

    My Toshiba 24D3753DV TV has developed a fault. It will only stay on for around a minute before it restarts as if it has been turned off and on again. This has been going on since I got home from work yesterday, and is still going on!

    Any ideas anyone??

  2. Re: Rebooting!!!!
    Hi Greg, I would suggest to do the following -

    1) Unplug the TV from the mains
    2) Press and hold the power button for 2/3 seconds
    3) Connect the TV back into the mains and then power on the unit

    This should resolve the issue, if for any reason this doesn't resolve the issue I would suggest to also try the following -

    1) Disconnect the TV from the Wi-Fi (Or router if needed)
    2) Perform a first time installation on the TV - Menu/Installation/First installation
    3) Proceed through the first time installation as normal but take care to decline the terms and conditions of the Freeview play service.

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