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Thread: Rebooting woes

  1. Rebooting woes

    My 49" 49U676DB keeps turning itself on and off. Promptly called Tesco technical support who report it's not just me. A quick search on Twitter and I am not alone.
    Nevertheless in a long line of woes with this set I'm losing my mind (it also crashes when changing a HDMI source) I've tried first time installations and USB software fixes via post from Toshiba and nothing improves.
    Please please please Toshiba I've had it since August and at the end of my nerves without all. Swap it give me my money back for the love of God please.



  2. Re: Rebooting woes
    Hi Greg, I would suggest to do the following -

    1) Unplug the TV from the mains
    2) Press and hold the power button for 2/3 seconds
    3) Connect the TV back into the mains and then power on the unit

    This should resolve the issue, if for any reason this doesn't resolve the issue I would suggest to also try the following -

    1) Disconnect the TV from the Wi-Fi (Or router if needed)
    2) Perform a first time installation on the TV - Menu/Installation/First installation
    3) Proceed through the first time installation as normal but take care to decline the terms and conditions of the Freeview play service.

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