Hi everyone. I have an old, but not-very-used, C655D-S5130. It has the soldered-on AMD single-core processor. I was wanting to "upgrade" it using a motherboard, processor and heatpipe from a C655D-S5084 or other similar model that has the removable CPU option. I really miss the ability to do that. (I just swapped the Intel i3 CPU in a Dell Inspiron N7110 with an i7 the other day and it runs great.) Is this do-able? I noticed in the specs it has an LED-backlit screen whereas the S5084 doesn't. I assume the screen would need to be "downgraded" in this case? Or would that not matter? Just wanting to know, as the S5130 hasn't been used much, but is excruciatingly slow, and even an old dual-core Athlon in an S5084 seems to be decent in comparison.

Speaking of, can the Athlon be replaced with a triple- or quad-core S1G4 chip such as a Turion or Phenom? From what I've read, the RAM in both of these C655D's is identical and in fact only runs at 800 MHz with the Athlon even though they're 1066 MHz modules and would run at that speed with either of those other two processors.

I realize it might just be better to get a new machine, but these are good laptops and I've been using my S5084 since 2011. I've been thinking about putting 8 GB of RAM in it and replacing the original 250 GB hard drive with an SSD, and maybe putting in one of the above-mentioned processors to speed it up a little. I don't do gaming of any kind. Just want to speed it up a little.

Thank you.