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Thread: 50U6863DB Black Screen, Got Sound

  1. 50U6863DB Black Screen, Got Sound
    So I'm watching Netflix via the built in smart TV app and a line appears through the middle of the screen, then a greenish colour, then screen goes all black. Have reset and do have sound (as I can hit Netflix button and it opens it and and I hear the Netflix noise) but that's all. TV is 3mnths old tops.

  2. Re: 50U6863DB Black Screen, Got Sound
    Hi Scotchris, thank you for your post.

    Sorry you are having these issues with your TV, I would suggest to take a picture of the TV in full showing the issue you are having and getting this sent into the Toshiba team who will be able to look into this for you.

    You can contact them via the following email address - support.uk@toshiba-tv.com

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