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Thread: C670D-11k One speaker not working

  1. C670D-11k One speaker not working
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    Feb 2019
    United Kingdom
    I have a C670D-11k Satellite and the right speaker stopped working for some reason..nothing was spilt on it and the headphones still work fine...
    Is a a general problem for Toshiba laptops?

  2. Re: C670D-11k One speaker not working
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    Dec 2018
    United Kingdom
    Modern speakers are usually reliable and long lasting, so you may just be unlucky to have this problem. It might be a dry joint on the PCB which could be fixed by resoldering, but this will involve taking the laptop apart.

  3. Re: C670D-11k One speaker not working
    Did this issue arise immediately after removing a headphone plug?
    If so, occasionally the cutoff contact in the jack can be the culprit. You could try some compressed air in the jack and work the headphone plug in to see if it resolves.
    If you get any intermittent sound from the dead speaker, then contact cleaner used SPARINGLY might help.

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